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Usher Guidelines
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Here are some Usher notes:
1) Ushers unable to serve a certain week must advise the Usher Team Leader in advance via email/phone/worship forum so that they can have adequate time to find a substitute.
2) You are the first point of contact so lets make a good impression of the congregation. Please no running shoes, sports sandals, short-skirts/shorts, jeans, t-shirts, or sweats (tops/pants).
3) Please arrive before 10:45 am so we can settle down and set up. You may leave Sunday school early to get ready.
4) What's new? For offering we have 4 ushers go up. The congregation is split up into 4 columns/sections and each usher is now responsible for 1 column/section. Two ushers will be positioned in the middle to take care of the middle left and middle right sections. The last 2 will be positioned at the end aisle and will take care of the side sections only. Once the side aisles are finished, help out the middle sections by starting at the 3rd last row.   Please inform the congregation to pass the bags to the next row.
Here's the schedule:
1.   Ushers should arrive before 10:45am
2.   The Usher Team leader will pick up bulletins and Logos Carenet forms from Rockys office/slot.
3.   Usher who arrive first, bring out name tags, baskets, visitor forms, pens, offering envelopes, etc from the room next to the stage in the cabinet.
4.   Put some chairs away so that the last row is aligned with the black or red line on the floor and turn the 2 chairs at the end of the last 2 rows to encourage people to sit at the front.
5.   Make sure the stage is cleared of any miscellaneous items (etc. loose papers, clothing)
6.   The drapes closest to the stage are to be closed all the way down and the back curtains are to be closed only half way.
7.   Bring in Bibles from shelves outside the doors
8.   Ensure offering bags are at the back for us to bring up
9.   Usher Team Leader to join pre-service prayer
10.   2 ushers at the door
11.   Two tables need to be setup at the back for the Logos carenet.   1 usher at the table for care net and welcoming. Please remind congregation to sign-in.

12.       On the 2nd week prepare the communion candle on the front table.

13.       We will be passing around a basket to collect the offering cups before the offering.

14.       11:10am open doors and greet everyone.

15.       At the call of worship (quite time) close doors and hold the traffic of people until praise starts

16. At this time we will need 1 usher for bulletins distribution and 2 ushers at the back to guide late arrivers to their seats

17.   Hold traffic during prayer time
18.   Walk up aisles with Bibles for those who did not bring one
19.   After praise get ready with envelopes, pens, offering bags and position for offering collection at the centre back. Once prayer is completed then walk up to the centre and pass offering bags.
20.   Usher Team Leader to collect offering in babyroom and will bring offering upstairs to AV room for counting
21.   When chairperson ask to greet each other ushers go into congregation and greet with big smiles
22.   Two Ushers to perform headcount and report attendance on the bulletin board
23.   Open the doors after the Doxology
24.   Bring the chair carriers out at once and congregation will help put chairs away.

25.  Pickup loose paper and garbage.

26.  Return Logos Carenet Forms and leftover bulletins to Rockys office/slot.  

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